Program Requirements

Degree Requirements

The MSIS program requires a minimum of minimum of 36 credit hours. Please note that no more than 9 credit hours can be taken from the College of Business.

Course Type


Credit Hours

Introduction to Graduate School

Should be taken in one of the areas of the program. Examples COM 701, MUS 700, CFD 701, BMS 700, GEO 700, BIO 794 or others)

1-3 hrs

Research Methods

Variety of courses available

1-3 hrs

Research Experience

Thesis or Non-Thesis (paper, project or performance)

2-6 hrs

Primary Area Coursework

Selected courses

12 hrs

Secondary Area

Courses taken outside primary area     

12 hrs

Additional Electives

Courses taken to meet the minimum 36 hour requirement

0-8 hrs

Additional Degree Requirements

  1. A comprehensive examination must be passed before the degree is granted. Questions from each of the disciplines will be included on the exam.
  2. All other University and Graduate College requirements must be met for completion of a degree program. Refer to the Graduate Catalog for a list of these requirements.

Area of Emphasis

Additional coursework, in consultation with the student’s Program Committee, must be selected from 600-level and above to meet the minimum number of required hours with at least 50% of the courses selected from 700-level courses.

Establishing a Program Committee

With assistance from the MSIS Program Coordinator, the student must seek out and identify a prospective Program Committee of 2 graduate faculty members, at least one faculty member from each of the program areas combined in the interdisciplinary degree (approved by the MSIS Oversight Committee).  If a thesis option is selected, a 3rd member is required.  The MSIS Program Coordinator will serve as an ex-officio member of this committee.

Additional Information

  1. This program recognizes the versatile, interactive, and ever-evolving world in which we live; and that all forms of intellectual inquiry, whether based in literature, science, education, business or the arts both influence and are influenced by each other.
  2. Students have opportunities to engage in critical thinking in and between each area.
  3. This program offers both research and writing opportunities at an advanced level.
  4. If the student elects to complete a thesis, the major advisor must come from the department in which the primary area (most number of credit hours) of coursework is completed.  The thesis must follow the University Thesis Guide, using a secondary style guide dictated by the program of primary focus.